5 Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling

June 11, 2019 • Lifestyle,


  1. Bring snacks and supplements! Pack some grab-and-go snacks you can have while traveling (on the plane, on long bus rides), and for when you are out and about exploring! Great travel snacks include mixed nuts, fruits (oranges, bananas – things with skin are best), and some homemade treats if you have the time! Here are some great recipes I have for healthy snacks that are perfect for travel: cookie dough protein bites, apple oat bars and oatmeal tahini biscuits.  It’s also important to pack your multi-vitamins and supplements that you normally take at home. Superfood shots are a great source of your daily fruits and veggies and so convenient to take with you on the go. You can even bring them on airplanes because they are only 2 ounces. Read more about those here. Another tip is to stay at an Air Bnb versus a hotel- these tend to be more affordable and have more household facilities such as a kitchen. I’m not saying that on vacation you should be cooking all your meals at your Air Bnb, because first, you should enjoy and experience the culture (including food) of the place you are visiting, but also, it’s vacation- you don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen cooking! However, with that being said, it is nice on vacation, especially if it’s for an extended period of time, to have a kitchen, or at least a fridge, to store some food. I just returned from an almost 2 weeks stay in the U.K. and went to a local market for a few items to enjoy breakfast at home every morning. Not only was this a healthier option, but it saved money too, so we didn’t have to go out to eat for every meal.
  2. Stay hydrated. It’s so important to stay hydrated, and easy to become dehydrated while traveling. Pack a water bottle so you can fill up with water wherever you are (ask restaurants or use public water fountains). This will ensure you stay hydrated while saving money on purchasing water, and also reducing waste. Also bring face masks, rose water spray and lotions to hydrate your skin!
  3. Stretch your legs. If you’re spending hours in a car on a road trip remember to take breaks every once in awhile to stretch and get fresh air. Stay active if you can! Go for a run or do body weight exercises- with these movements you can be active no matter where you are. Pack resistant bands if you want to incorporate into your workouts. These take up virtually no room in a suitcase and can take your workout to the next level. Although staying active is important, also don’t be afraid to take a break from your normal workout routine while on vacation. I personally tend to take time off from the gym while traveling and instead stay active by walking everywhere. Not only is walking one of the best ways to explore a new city, it also keeps your body moving.
  4. Get rest! Traveling can be exhausting – long days spent in vehicles, airports, airplanes, buses, etc. You may feel like you need to get a lot of things done each day, and see all the sights, but if your body is feeling run down, listen to it and take a nap. Time zone changes can really catch up to you! When your body is craving sleep, sleep in a bit if you need to. You’re not going to enjoy the experiences and adventures as much if you are tired.
  5. Be present. This might sound obvious, but I think it’s one of the most important things to remember. I think in today’s world of social media, and constant “connected-ness” we sometimes forget to put our phones down and be in the moment. Yes, I think you should take some pictures and videos to capture the memories, but then consider taking a break from social media and your phone to truly relax, soak in the experience, and enjoy your adventure.

P.S. Bonus tip: DON’T STRESS!! You are on vacation, take it as that. Sure, these things are important to incorporate, but don’t worry about being perfect and don’t stress about eating super healthy, and not getting to the gym. It’s so important to strive for a balanced lifestyle when it comes to health and happiness. Soon enough you’ll be back to your normal life and routine, so enjoy your time away!

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