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May 15, 2019 • Lifestyle, ,

Going along with this series of companies I love, I wanted to write about Balance the Superfood Shot (formerly known as Life Equals). I learned about this company a few months ago when they reached out to me wanting to send me some samples of their product. After looking into them, I agreed to try their Superfood Shot. After trying all three blends, I fell in love with not only the product, but also the company and values they stand for.

Firstly, what is the product? Balance the Superfood Shot has three blends: Foundation Blend, Turmeric Blend, and Immunity Blend. Each two ounce bottle is packed with nutrients and provides you with 1/2 your daily servings of fruits and vegetables. Each blend contains a different variety of organic fruits and vegetables, all sweet, tart and delicious. The superfood shots make it easy to get in your daily dose of fruits and veggies, and are perfect to take on the go, as they are small and don’t have to be refrigerated. Recently, I brought a few bottles with me when I flew to D.C. for the weekend since I knew I would be lacking in my fruits and veggies while away and they made me feel good knowing I was getting the proper nutrients my body needs daily!

The other thing I love about this company are their values and mission. Under “WHO WE ARE” on their website they say “We wake up each day with the desire to make a difference and, if we’re lucky, leave the world a bit better than we found it. Faux health foods, fad diets and false promises are just that: Faux, fad and false. With Balance the Superfood Shot, it’s all about real products that address the health of America.” I couldn’t agree more! I love that the superfood shots are made of REAL ingredients: literally just water and organic fruits and vegetables- no gimmicks, no junky additives, no weird ingredients you can’t even pronounce.

If you’re interested in trying Balance the Superfood Shot, they are sold online here. I also have a coupon code: AAPRON50 that will get you 50% off your initial subscription order, and a recurring 20% off with free shipping for every month following. I recommend the Mixed Blend package so you can try all of the flavors to start! Then if you love it and want to subscribe you can choose either the 12 pack or 24 pack to be delivered either every month, or every 2 months. If you try it please let me know what you think!

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